"Burgers' subject never feels excised from nature, but rather breathed in and exhaled as art. Unstructured, bold, her textured paintings reveal layers of emotions, with brushstrokes gliding across a canvas like a caress, exposing dimensions of color and tone that subvert the nature of the flower, transforming it into a painterly landscape of abstract proportions.  Expressionistic, unencumbered, her large acrylic paintings belong to a contemporary school of art, and within it, to Bobbie Burgers alone."       Dorota Kozinska,  art critic 

Gravitational Pull - Diptych 2 x 96" x 72" 2017      Pictured  In Exhibit With Helen Frankenthaler

来自加拿大温哥华的艺术家 Bobbie Burgers 对于生活中的蜕变和幻化有着深厚的兴趣,她的作品是一种独特的风格,她将抽象与写实融合在一起,这使的她的作品呈现出一种本能的组合,同时也展现出她敏锐的艺术洞察力。Bobbie Burgers 的创作节奏、大胆的色彩和粗犷的笔触都是非常出色的,她的作品则以一种诗意的、抽象的方式生动地表达了个人的主观情感。